8 Signs You Need An Electric Gate Repair

One of the best ways to protect your property is to install an electric gate. There are many advantages of automatic gate openers. Not only does it protect your home or your office, but it is also a convenient way to enter and leave your property. You can control who comes and goes from your backyard. And most importantly you don`t have to open the gates manually to be able to enter or get out. This is especially convenient in bad weather. An electric gate is a perfect item to own and use, but you need to monitor it for any signs of malfunctioning. Your electric gate is not indestructible and will require repair from time to time. Let us see when is the right time for an electric gate repair.

Automatic Gate Installation



Electric gates are usually made from steel, aluminum, or wood. In the case of steel and aluminum, you need to pay attention to any signs of rust. If you live next to the seaside, or with a high percentage of rainy days, rust is something you should be aware of. As soon as you notice changes on the surface of the electric gate, you should act upon it. Call a professional if the spots of rust are large, and use sandpaper to remove the rust on your own if possible. Rust on a gate can eventually be the cause of gate malfunctioning, so there is no reason to risk and leave the rust to grow.

Unusual noises

Your electric gate should work perfectly, and not make any rattling or beeping noises whatsoever. A beeping sound will indicate that there is a certain problem with the battery. It may need to be recharged or replaced completely. If you are uncertain, consult with a professional. Check for any debris standing on the track, and check whether the lubrication is proper, as these can be the cause of various noises.

When the gate does not open or close as it should

Your electric gate has a purpose to close and open at your command. This is the most efficient way of functioning, and the perfect way to keep you, your family, and your employees happy and safe. If it doesn’t open or close properly, it is time to schedule your electric gate repair. Again, you should check whether something is blocking the way. But you should be aware that the issue might be a part of the system, and having a professional do the necessary repairs will prolong the life of your electric gate.

A Technician Is Fixing A Broken Electric Gate



Your electric gate should be brand new even after years of using it. This means that the alignment of the gate should be perfect just like it was on the very first day. After years of usage, the hinges may get worn out and cause misalignment. Luckily, this is easy to spot as you will notice that the sides are not aligned. And when you know what to look out for, everything becomes much easier. The sooner you repair the gate, the fewer problems you are going to have in the future.

An electric gate repair is necessary when the sensors are not working properly

Perhaps one of the most serious issues you can experience with an electric gate is when sensors are not working properly. The gate will not move when the sensors sense an obstacle on their way. If the sensors are not working properly, they may cause the gate to move even though there is something on its way. This can pose a safety hazard for your pets, kids, as well as for yourself. Furthermore, it can damage any object standing in its way, including your car. Damaged sensors on a heavy gate require electric gate repair.

Delay in response

If you need to wait a couple of extra seconds for the gate to start opening or closing, you are looking at a sign that you need an electric gate repair. Automatic gates will open and close very fast, this is one of the reasons people want to have in their backyard. As soon as you notice that it takes longer than usual for the gate to respond, you need to have the gate serviced and repaired. Sometimes this can happen due to cold temperatures, but overall, it is a sign that the electric components have worn out and perhaps need replacement.

When a gate opens and closes without your instruction

Has it ever happened to you that your gate opens or closes without any instruction? The correct answer is never, as this should never happen on a properly functioning gate. If you notice that the gate opens or closes randomly, it is ready for repair. Unless there is something on the track causing the sensors to react, you are looking at an issue connected to the gate`s motherboard.

A Technician Repairs An Electric Gate


Check whether your electric gate needs to be repaired after a collision

If you accidentally hit your electric gate with a car or any other item, there is a risk of damage. In case a stronger collision happens, consult with a professional for an electric gate repair. It is advisable to have your gate-checked after big storms as well. Power outages can disrupt the gate`s electric system as well. These external factors can damage your gate, but with frequent servicing, you don`t have to worry about its functionality.

Benefits of having your electric gate repaired and serviced

As soon as you notice any type of damage or signs of wear and tear, you should repair your gate. The safest way to do this is to call automatic gates repair service to assess the situation and resolve the issue. With immediate electric gate repair, you save money, time, and increase the functional life of your electric gate. These gates are perfect for your home, or business and prolonging their functionality should be one of your greatest concerns.