The Different Types Of Wrought Iron Gates

One of the most common, if not the most common reason why so many people choose metal gates and fences is the classic look they bring out from any property. Did you know that wrought iron has been a highly valued material for centuries? If you use it as part of a fence design, or a gate, you can easily bring a beautiful and authoritative presence to almost any property. Besides, all types of wrought iron gates are very durable and sturdy products. Gates have multiple functions, with the main one being providing access to or from a property, making it a convenient entry point for pedestrians and vehicles. Fences and wrought iron gates also create an impression while adding value and even street appeal to businesses and homes.

The classic appearance brings out a sense of history and luxury which seems to be ageless. However, genuine wrought iron gates are somewhat hard to find because of the mixed legumes. In any case, many don’t really know that there are different types of wrought iron gates out there. So, if you want to read about all the different types of wrought iron gates, check out the text below.


Driveway Gates

There is so much more to driveway gates than just being a way to restrict access to your home or business merely for privacy reasons. From waterfront mansions, and beaches, to mountainside retreats, wrought iron has all the potential to capture and accentuate various artistic styles like Baroque, Gothic, and Art Nouveau. While commanding attention, it also creates a distinct impression, iron wrought gates are an important feature for any property while specially designed and built to withstand the test of time. Suppose you want to stand out and prefer something a little bit different. In that case, some companies also offer a personalized design. Gates can be completely customizable whether you plan on installing them on your home or business property.

A Wrought-iron Driveway Gate


Privacy Fences and Gates

One of the most common, if not the most common reason why people frequently choose wrought iron gates is mostly for privacy reasons. Besides, if you choose commercial, metal fencing can be easily used to reduce visibility around the property which will keep your neighbors from keeping an eye on you. However, it all depends on the level of privacy you want to acquire. Also, you should know that various designs can be created.


Garden Gates

If you have somewhat of a sacred gateway in your garden you really want to make it as intimate as possible, we recommend considering garden gates. They can create a truly enchanting gateway into some special corner of your garden. You can adjust the design to your own needs and preferences. Although most people don’t think about getting garden gates, you’ll be surprised how much of a difference wrought iron garden gates can make. So, if you want to make your garden look truly different, we recommend thinking about installing wrought iron gates.

Now, we’ll talk about the architectural types of wrought iron gates to help you understand what kind of a gate would work best for you and your property.


Straight Top

Arched-top wrought iron gates are classics. However, straight-top gates are way more modern and suitable for newer-aged properties. They can come with a double rail on top. The ironwork between those two rails tends to be way simpler than arched top wrought iron gates. The overall appeal of straight top iron-wrought gates is somewhat a minimalistic look. Besides, these gates are ideal for contemporary homes.

A Wrought-iron Straight-top Gate


Arch Top

Arched top styles iron gates are probably the most classic type out there. You can easily recreate a classic appeal by installing arched top gates. You should know that arched gates offer so many options when it comes to ornaments. This style is a great complementary method when it comes to historical buildings and historical sights. So, if you live or want to buy a classical home, we recommend thinking about arched top iron-wrought gates.

A Wrought-iron Arch-top Gate


Closed Metal

The majority of wrought iron gates feature the bottom and the top rails spanning between those gate posts. While the vertical area is filled with pickets meaning that you can easily see-thru. So, closed metal gates are a great choice if you want maximum privacy. If you choose closed-metal gates, you should know that their pickets and ornamentations that originally characterize wrought iron gates remain the same. Still, you can opt for custom iron gates for almost any type of property.

A Closed-metal Gate


Wood Iron

If you want something different and want to avoid an all-metal look, wood iron gates should be at the top of your priority list. Whether you want to go for a classic or modern-styled gate, adding wood to the gate’s structure is a great choice for just about any property.

A Wood-iron Gate



We hope our article helped you understand the difference between classic-styled and modern gates. We deliberately covered structural and aesthetic differences because they are among the top benefits of installing a wrought iron gate on your property. This way, you can fully understand what types of wrought iron gates exist. If you need help with installing wrought iron gates, we recommend turning to a professional automatic gate installation company that has a long history in the matter.