How to protect your fence against rust

Having a fence complements your house in many ways. It protects it from burglaries, keeps your kids and pets safe inside the backyard, and adds décor to your home. You can choose between many different shapes, designs, styles, and materials. Wrought iron fences are a common choice since they are high-quality and durable. However, due to the nature of iron, you need to be careful so that your fence does not rust. If you see a reddish-brown spot on your fence, it means that rust is already there. Luckily, there are ways to prevent rust, and get rid of it already occurred. Read our guide and find out how to protect your fence against rust.

Rusty Fence

What causes rust?

When the iron reacts with oxygen and water, a process called oxidizing occurs. The outcome is rust and it can weaken the material making our fence not usable. Rust will occur over time if you live in places with high humidity, where moisture in the air is increased. Living near the sea, or in windy, rainy places can make your fence more prone to dust. Even if you don`t live in such places, but in rather dry ones, it is important to protect your fence against rust to be on the safe side. 

Carefully inspect your fence for the signs of rust

If handled immediately, you will not have a hard time handling rust on your fence. Every few months inspect your fence to see whether there are any signs of rust. In case you notice the reddish-brown spots, act immediately. For smaller spots, you will just need a bit of sandpaper to scrub the rust off. In case there is a bit more rust that cannot be handled with sandpaper, take a rust-dissolving cleaner or a metal brush. Then you can start planning to apply some additional rust prevention material. 

Apply rust-preventive coating to your fence

Nowadays, you have a wide variety of protective coatings to choose from. The most important thing here is to clean the fence from any signs of corrosion first. Otherwise, you are simply masking the problem and will have to spend more time and money fighting rust later on. After you have finished getting rid of the rust, if there is any, from your fence, apply a primer that is oil-based and rust-resistant. This will provide you with many peaceful years without any rust in sight. You will need to apply this primer twice, so after you apply the first layer, let it dry completely before applying the second layer. 

Or a coat of painting

Of course, if you want to paint your fence you are looking at a perfect way to protect your fence against rust. However, some people simply don`t want to paint their fences, as they like the metal, aluminum, or wrought iron look just as it is. In this case, make sure to apply the previously mentioned rust-resistant primer. The fence should be repainted every couple of years, or as soon as you notice are change or damage on the surface of it. 

Apply Fence Coating And Protect Your Fence Against Rust

Keep your fence clean

Dirt on the fence can also damage the fence, leading the way to rust creation. To protect your fence against rust, it is a good idea to clean it from time to time. Clean any debris and dirt from the fence by using a soft cloth and a bit of water. While using water may sound counter-productive in this case, just make sure the fence dries completely and you will be on the safe side. Also, keep the grass near the fence bottom always trimmed and neat. 

Professional techniques for getting rid of the rust

Sometimes you need professional help to protect your fence against rust. Two techniques are highly efficient and will make your fence shine again just as if it were new.


  • Sandblasting — Using a compressor and a nozzle a professional will begin sandblasting, which is far more efficient than sandpaper. Soon, your fence will be shining, as sandblasting is going to polish your fence and get rid of the rust. After sandblasting is finished, we recommend applying a protective layer to your fence, to prevent any further rusting.

  • Galvanization — Fences made of steel and iron can both benefit from this technique. It means that you cover the fence with a layer of zinc. When this layer dries up, it forms a high-quality coating that will prevent any rust on your fence. You will enjoy your rust-free fence for years. You can even purchase a galvanized fence in the first place so that you don`t have to galvanize it later on. However, these fences tend to be more expensive and a bit harder to install. Anyway, you should discuss this when purchasing the fence for getting the best results in the end.
Sandblastng A Fence

Get a high-quality fence

The higher the quality of your fence is, the easier it will be to protect your fence against rust. Cheap fences may not be made entirely out of steel or iron and may contain chromium for example, which makes the rusting process easier to occur. Instead, opt for a bit more expensive, but more durable, and easier to maintain fences. This will allow you to truly enjoy the magnificent benefits a great fence can provide you with. After all, you don`t buy a fence every day, the right fence can last well over a century.

A Quality Fence

Avoid having water sprinkles around the fence

Even if the humidity is great, and you don`t live near the beach, your fence can still be prone to rust if it is near water. Check out whether your water sprinkler sprinkles water around the fence. This will lead to rust at some point and you should direct it in a different direction.

There are several ways to prevent and protect your fence against rust. Always be ready to react on time with the very first signs of rust. Applying a protective coating is one of the best ways to achieve the best results, and we highly recommend this. For any help and advice for protecting your fence or install a new one, contact professional installers of wrought iron fences in Austin.