Is Sliding or Swing Gate Better for Your Property?

There is nothing wrong with enhancing your security features, whether for your home or business estate. It’s a great way to keep intruders off your property and while controlling access. Also, gates are a great addition to the aesthetics of the property and a great representation of the desired image if you choose properly. There are a couple of options when it comes to the design and operating principle, including sliding and swing gates. Choosing the right kind of gate depends on multiple¬† factors like physical restrictions on your property, budget, purpose, etc. So, if you are in a dilemma on which one to install – a sliding or swing gate, read below.

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Before you start exploring which option suits you best, its important to consider a couple of things. Think of terrain slope, temperature, the local guidelines and building codes, the automatization principle, personal preferences material, and your budget. As for the terrain slope, some driveways tend to slope to the side, upward or downward. It’s important to do proper planning in order for the gate to fit.

Also, we recommend putting your budget on paper making it way easier for you to decide which option suits you best. If you plan on getting professional help for the automatic gate installation, don’t forget to put it on paper. Check the local guidelines and building guides to avoid unnecessary hassle. Personal preferences are an important factor, especially when it comes to the aesthetics of the estate. Some gates give off a commercial look. You’d want to avoid that if you’re securing your private home.

So, which one is better - sliding or swing gate?

Sliding Gates

As the name says, these gates work on a sliding principle, opening and closing side to side by sliding. They are very efficient since you can install sliding gates on any property type, including private homes, business properties, industrial and commercial sites. One of the main perks is that you can automate sliding gates very quickly. Also, there are various types of sliding gates, including Single and Bi Parts. People use Bi Parts mostly for commercial estates. However, they can be used to guard residential and private venues too.


Since sliding gates work on a simple sliding principle, they don’t take up excessive space on the driveway, making sliding gates quite a practical solution ( you can fit more vehicles on the driveway). In contrast, swing gates operate on a different principle (taking up space).

Once you close the sliding gate, there is no risk of a breach implying a solid level of safety, meaning there is no way for force openings which is not the case with swing gates. Also, the size of the parcel isn’t vital since only one sliding gate can be used if you install it correctly.

Wind can not affect the sliding gate, another brilliant perk in comparison to swing gates. User reviews state that sliding gates are very suitable for rougher grounds. Additionally, their estimated lifespan is pretty decent.


First, we must say that the list of disadvantages will be very short because, essentially, sliding gates provide safety and reliability.

However, you will need a ground beam. You must make sure that the installation process is done properly to avoid any hassle. Also, make sure that the chosen gate doesn’t give off a commercial look. You have to check if there is enough space on the side for the sliding parts. Ensure that you take all safety measures.

Keep in mind that installing a sliding gate might seem easy. However, if you aren’t sure how to do it properly, seek out professional help to avoid any possible problems.

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Swing Gates

Again, the name suggests the principle on which swinging gates operate, meaning they swing open and close. The actual gate can be divided in the middle section, ensuring that the two parts swing in the same direction.

If you opt for the installation of swinging gates, you’ll need to choose the direction in which they swing, so make sure it’s inwards for maximum safety.


In comparison to sliding ones, swing gates don’t need excessive side space. Also, you can automate them with a wide range of control options and methods.

User reviews state that swinging gates are a very popular option since they are pretty affordable while being reasonably easy to install. As for degree openings, usually, there are two available options, including a 90-degree opening (which is usual) and a 180-degree opening (which can be installed if you file a request).

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Like we mentioned earlier, swinging gates require more space than sliding ones. Since they need to swing open, it would be best to avoid this option if you have a short driveway. The wind can significantly influence swinging gates, so choose the sliding option if you are living in a high wind area.

Since security is one of the top priorities, make sure you match the design and wind to prevent any possibility of a breach.

Sliding or swing gate installation

Today, both options are popular, meaning that both sliding and swinging gates are specially designed to suit your needs and provide maximum security. We hope that the information you read will help you decide which kind to choose.

As for the installation, it might seem pretty straightforward. However, sliding gates require precision in the process, and it would be best if you hired a professional to do the job for you. Also, when it comes to swinging gates, sloppy installation can lead to easier force openings and the risk of a breach. So, if you have no prior experience with installing a swinging gate, think of hiring a professional.

Be aware that the market allows various companies to pose as legit firms. Make sure to hire a certified company that accentuates the clients’ needs and requests before hiring them. Gate installation and repair Austin is always here for you. Do not hesitate to give us a call.