The Benefits Of Gate Sensor Installation

Gate sensor installation is a popular way to improve your home`s safety, modernize your business, and enjoy a much more convenient way of entering your backyard and your home. We have created this useful guide to present you with the benefits of gate sensors, and also how to resolve the most common issues related to them.

Different sensors offer different advantages

There are several types of gate sensors that you can install, and you can even combine several of them for the best results.

Radar movement sensors

While these sensors cannot detect stationary objects, they can detect the movement of the individual walking towards the gate. When the person or the vehicle is in the zone of detection, the sensors will open the gate automatically.

Motion detectors sensors

One of the most common gate sensors is motion detectors or optical sensors. The antenna is on the gate, which produces a beam, which detects motion. The only disadvantage of this sensor type is that it just might not detect a person standing in front of the gate, as it only detects motion.

A Motion Sensor On A Gate

Pressure sensors

Pressure sensors detect pressure on the ground, thus allowing the person to go through easily. The pressure of the weight will have the gate open for as long as it takes for someone to go through them. There is no fear that the gate will close on you. And if you change your mind, you can go back; the weight applied to the ground signals that the gate should not close just yet.

Passive and active infrared sensors

Passive infrared sensors can detect an infrared image of a person or a vehicle. When the image is detected, the gates will open. The active infrared sensors use a receiver to detect the infrared light in a person or an object to open the gate.

As we already mentioned, sometimes these sensors are combined and installed together in a single gate. In this way, there is maximum benefit from installing gate sensors.

Better insurance policy

Automatic gates present a huge security improvement and insurance companies take this into consideration when deciding on the amount you will have to pay for insurance. You may get a lower insurance policy because the sensors on the gate increase the safety of your home.

Installing gate sensors is convenient

Convenience is one of the major benefits of installing gate sensors. When it is raining outside, you do not have to get out of your car and get wet and muddy. Instead, your automatic gate will open by sensor detection, allowing you to enter your backyard.

The same thing applies when you have kids or are in a hurry, or even worried about your safety, and do not feel that you should get out of your vehicle. Having gate sensors installed is a major plus in these situations because the gates work for you and in your favor.

Thumbs Up

Installing gate sensors is great for your business

When a client is about to visit your business and make future agreements with you, you can count on them noticing whether or not you have sensors in your gate. This is an excellent first impression to make and can help your business thrive. It may not seem like something that can promote your business at first, but sensors on the gate are all about being modern, ahead of time, advantage, safety, etc. The automatic doors will awaken the sense of wealth and prosperity in your clients, leading to their greater satisfaction. And when you have happy clients even before they entered your offices, you have a good head start.

Gate sensors increase the property`s value

If you are planning to sell your home or business one day, installing gate sensors can only help you increase the property value. With more convenience and improved security, your home will have a higher value. Plus, it will be easier to sell your house as having automated gates with sensors is a huge benefit.

Recognize the most common gate sensor issues to enjoy the benefits longer

While installing gate sensors has plenty of benefits, there are some common issues that should be addressed on time so that you can continue to enjoy the benefits of sensors on the gate.

Blocked sensors

If your gate sensors fail to detect motion, chances are they are blocked by debris. Remove any twigs, leaves, branches, or anything else that may be blocking the functionality of the sensors. This is a fairly easy issue to resolve. Remember to keep the space around the gate clean, and you should not experience any issues with sensors of this sort.

A Gate Sensor Repair

Misaligned sensors

Sensors usually go in a pair, one on each side of the gate. The sensors function in a way that there is a beam going from one sensor to another. It detects any motion that goes through that beam. When sensors are not in line, the beam cannot detect motion. It causes a sensor failure. This is also an easy issue to fix as you can detect the problem and simply align the sensors manually or by tightening the screws.

Check for the sensors lenses

Sometimes the sensors won`t work properly because the lenses are dirty or wet. This can happen due to dirt applied by the wind, for example, or rain. If you notice that your gate sensors are not working spot-on, use some dry linen and gently wipe the sensor lenses to clean them. In case of water on the lenses, you can dry them or wait for the lenses to dry themselves.

Have your sensors installed by the professionals

If you need a gate sensor installation, we recommend that you hire automatic gates Austin professionals for the job. They will do the job professionally, efficiently, and fast. Then, you will truly enjoy the advantages of automatic gate openers and sensors.